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The Past: How You Build Your Foundation Matters


Meet Kelly Kreusler and Melanie Petschke. Two mothers from Florida who, after making simple toxin free switches in other areas of their life, were repeatedly let down when trying to find clean, high quality skincare and makeup. Being the bold leaders they are, they took matters into their own hands and created a cosmetic line made from the safest ingredients with the highest performance.

They began work with a team of chemists and partnered with an incredible makeup artist. The team began to grow one by one as passion and innovation attracted the best of the best to Crunchi.


These women are truly smart, conscious, and beautiful. They pour their experience, expertise, and encouragement into the Advocate community every single day. 

Presently Impacting...



Community and genuine relationships are at the foundation of our heart forward company.

As an Advocate, you will be invited to join us for industry expert lead training, our annual company retreat, casual coffee dates with our co-founders and of course, team celebrations! 



Crunchi is four years new and has doubled in Advocates year over year. We have already exceeded that statistic this year. 


YOU have the opportunity to become an Advocate with us at the beginning stages of this company. What a gift!



Did you know, there are currently 275 million metric tons of plastic waste in our world?!? Crunchi is committed to doing our part and finding sustainable alternatives, and they just so happen to be gorgeous.


Boasting over 20 product categories in numerous shades, the Crunchi Collection raises the bar for clean beauty even higher with eco friendly glass, paper and plant based packaging and recyclable shipping materials! 

The Future: Believing in Our Dreams, Taking Massive Action

A clear vision for the future is paramount. Partnering with a company who not only dreams big, but has the actual means of achieving their vision is priceless. 

As a debt free company, Crunchi has the ability to focus on product innovation and Advocate program development! Just one more way Crunchi is uniquely positioned within the green beauty market. 

Crunchi will soon be launching into kids' and men’s lines as well. This will become a household brand known across the US! 

There couldn’t be a better time to join Crunchi, truly! 


"Create the highest, grandest vision possible for you life, because you become what you believe." 

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