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The Movement


Becoming a Crunchi advocate gave me a space to be creative & connect with others. I was desperately missing my co-workers and close friends as a new stay at home mom. I loved helping others, was into toxin free living, and it was such a natural fit. It has become such a source of joy in my life. I am so grateful I said yes.

Ashley Wagner, Crunchi Advocate

What sets Crunchi apart?

Be a part of a supportive community who wants to help and see you succeed!

Crunchi is a self-funded, debt-free, and women owned company.

Our unique boutique direct sales approach uses curiosity & attraction marketing. 

This is a ground floor company with endless opportunity and potential!

Products are packed full of antioxidant rich, organic ingredients that are hand selected!

Get the high performance quality, like conventional cosmetics and skin care, but without all the harsh toxins!

Products are consciously packaged to be eco-friendly!

I’ve been at Retreat the past two years. Looking back, I can honestly say I was nervous to go my first year, seeing as how I had never met any of these ladies. To say it was worth it is an understatement. HUGE understatement.
It’s one thing to know the heart of Crunchi and hear what they share on the Lives and what not. It’s a whooooooole other thing to experience the authenticity and humility of Kelly & Melanie, our Corporate staff, and witness/soak up the caliber of these other Crunchi girls!!  It is priceless and is something you have to come be a part of in order to carry home priceless inspiration. Retreat is your catapult if you’re willing to show up!!

Ginny Estrada, Crunchi Advocate

Smart Start

Crunchi now has an INCREDIBLE Smart Start Business Plan where we are rewarded in cash and swag for starting our business strong!  There are simple & duplicatable steps paired with professional training & provided resources. Your sponsor will partner with you & support you every step of the way.  

Smart start includes over $800 in cash bonuses and swag on TOP of commission earned and title advancement bonuses!

Advocates can earn the exclusive Smart Award Trip or $600 cash bonus!

It includes matching Smart Start Bonuses for the Sponsor. 

A Smart Start Planner and Checklist to help keep you organized to meet and exceed your goals!

Sooo, SO many incredible moments from retreat....from the energy in the room from you, Kelly, Amy, and all of my new sisters that I have seen online and got to embrace in person.  The time you all took to see and hear all of us even if we have only been here a few months.  The VIP dinner! The elite leaders taking time to connect with us.  The love and heart of the entire community.  Hearing your entire stories in person even though I already appreciated your determination and going back to the drawing board and never giving up after “plot twists and no’s for so many years before the first launch! The AMAZING addition of education, systems, and tools for advocates... getting a restart because of your generosity and love.  

Jeana Thurston, Crunchi Advocate

Compensation Plan

Crunchi’s compensation plan is incredibly generous and extremely competitive. There are NO ceilings when it comes to the financial opportunity with Crunchi.


There are THREE unique ways to earn commission within Crunchi:

ONE: Personal sales, aka personal volume (pv)

  • Earn an incredibly wide range of 20-40% commission on all of your clients’ purchases while you personally have the opportunity to purchase at a 20% discount from day one

TWO: Team sales, aka team volume (tv)

  • Earn up to 10% on your team’s commission! And you will earn commission 15 levels deep on your team. WOAH!

THREE: Bonuses - 2 unique ways to bonus throughout your Crunchi career!

  • You will earn rank advancement bonuses as you promote through our 10 title levels! That's a total of almost $3,000!

  • Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn over $1,400 in bonuses when you work through the Smart Start program. 

By completing each of the five Smart Start levels you are starting your business strong, building a team and rank advancing while earning bonuses above and beyond your commission


It is also worth mentioning Crunchi values our advocates and the rewards go far beyond our compensation plan. With Crunchi you can expect:

  • Personal development opportunities

  • Business trainings with industry experts

  • Philanthropy and nonprofit opportunities

  • Giveaways, special deals and so much more!


Jeana Thurston, Crunchi Advocate


Resources & Support

With Crunchi, you can rest assured, we have your back! No matter your experience level or background we have the business tools and training systems to help you reach your full potential!

Advocate Back Office (ABO)

  • Instant access to data you need to manage and drive your business forward. From resource documents to client orders, team information and commission tables, your ABO is a great resource!


  • Upon enrollment advocates have access to our best-in-class online training program including step by step videos, key documents and two companion guides; Smart Planner - foundation to your business, the Smart Checklist - the companion guide to help you launch and work through Smart Start.

Content Sharing

  • We thrive on the supportive community we have built. It’s one of the most immediate noticeable differences in Crunchi versus other direct sales companies. One way we do so is by sharing content full of hundreds of shareable posts for you to reference and recycle as needed! We are a team, a community and a sisterhood. You are never alone in this journey!

Industry & Field Experts

  • From network marketing leaders to social media coaches, Crunchi corporate invests in our advocates growth. Years of valuable training and key resources are organized and readily accessible once you join our advocate community.

Professional Makeup Artists

  • We absolutely love when our Crunchi MUA teaches us application tips and the latest beauty trends! And each time a new product releases we receive allllllll the details! From ingredient analysis, key features and application demos to share with our clients, you will have the confidence to share the Crunchi line.

Pacing Partner

  • We want you to be set up for success and oftentimes that means getting plugged in, engaged and connected from the beginning! We encourage each new advocate to find a pace partner to befriend, encourage, motivate and help each other out!

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