Frequently Asked Questions


Can I be successful without experience in direct sales?

Without a doubt! So many of us started with no or limited experience in selling! Thankfully through Crunchi U and industry expert trainers, you will be provided with all of the business tools and training you need to be successful!

If I don’t really wear much makeup, or know much about makeup, can I still be successful?

YES, absolutely!! So many women join for the MISSION of Crunchi and the platform, support and business opportunity it provides. There are plenty of resources for you to learn from throughout your journey as a Crunchi Advocate. From professional makeup artists, application tutorials and hundreds of before and after pictures for each skin type and tone, as well as shade matching experts to help you with your future clients. We have you covered, sister!

What are the requirements to stay active?

The requirements are simple and absolutely attainable! An annual fee of $40 for your website and back office access and $400 of personal sales every 6 months. And YES, your personal orders DO count!!

Do I have to be an ingredient expert or live an all organic, toxin-free lifestyle to be a Crunchi Advocate?

Absolutely not! We are on a journey together and we all start at the beginning. Not one of us is perfect, we all have products that are hard to part with and enjoy splurging on pizza and ice cream at times. It’s about balance and it’s important to remember that we have the most impact with others when we are authentic to ourselves.

What if I am not “good” at social media? Do I have to run my business online?

The beauty of being a business owner is that it’s YOUR business! If in-person events are more your thing, this is a wonderful avenue with endless options! From vendor events to lunch and learns, open houses, ladies night in and wine pairings. There is something for everyone! It should be considered that our experiences show having a central location on social media is wonderful to keep your clients and potential team members informed, engaged and excited about what you have to offer!

How much time is required to be an Advocate?

The beauty of this opportunity is it’s your business, it’s your pace, and you weave it into your lifestyle. Every Advocate is different in the number of hours they spend working their business. You can work as little or as much as you want. Partnering with your upline leaders to find the right amount of hours to match the goals you want to achieve is the easiest way to build success.