“When I joined Crunchi, I knew Smart Start was going to be the best way to really kick start my business. It was definitely intimidating but I made the decision to dive head first and not let fear get in the way. I am SO glad I said yes! Two months in as an advocate, the Smart Start incentive has helped me pay back the cost of my starter kit and I’ve made over $1,000! Not only am I financially benefiting from following the Smart Start Program, I feel part of an amazing community of women that will welcome you with open arms and all the tools you need to take this business and go be successful!” - Rachel

Rachel, Crunchi Advocate

Image by Rolands Zilvinskis

Stories From our Supporters

Image by Rolands Zilvinskis
"Smart start is amazing. I cannot say enough good things about it! I completed all 5 levels early, and am super thankful for the bonuses from Crunchi just for working my business. It is now my goal to help my team (and others) along the smart start to get started smart and fast! The smart start is the quickest way to make your money back for your kit and start putting income in your pocket. The impact of this amazing plan, is bigger than anything I could have imagined. The ripple effect and the lives being changed are incredible." 


Megan Love Lee, Crunchi Advocate