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Taylor quit her corporate job shortly after our first was born, and our plan was to have her work more at our gym. She has always been on a team whether that was a sports team or corporate team, and I saw her longing for a community of women. When she presented this idea to me, I thought this will give her something to do and potentially fill that void. I told her if she’s going to do this, then she needs to dive ALL in and get the biggest kit. Go big or go home. 


Immediately I saw the spark, that as once missing, ignite as she joined Crunchi and was immersed in the community. I knew she had the work ethic and heart to make this something substantial. This opportunity allowed her to stay at home with our first-born, work at our gym, and gave her the flexibility to see her family in Nebraska. 


To be frank, the income has been life-changing. We are able to purchase land and are in the process of building a home we never thought possible. She’s more confident (which I always felt she lacked) and has built a community of women who empower her (it takes some pressure off of me! HA!)


I take nights with the kids if she has work to do, and we alternate on the weekends taking the kids so the other can work. We’ve hired a housekeeper and babysitters during the weekday so she has time to work efficiently. I see the big picture. I see the potential. I am constantly running numbers and tracking her progress, and I know this can be something bigger than either of us dreamed. I know the time is NOW for her to capitalize on this opportunity so we can continue to bless others and ensure our kids have a bright and secure future. 


I wouldn't say there was a moment where I realized the potential, but her first Black Friday was a big “ah-ha” moment. It didn’t change the way I supported her, but it definitely changed my perspective on how much time and effort she should put into it. 


She has a better understanding of business now, which I love. We’re more financially independent to where we can do things we want to do and if not for Crunchi, we wouldn’t be able to do those things. I’m extremely grateful for this company, their values, and the security I feel because we said yes.

Beau Linebach

"One of the greatest gifts a person can give another, is support."

"Crunchi has given my wife a kind and honest place to share her passion of healthy living, which has given her a new kind of happy and has also helped to motivate me as her husband to start living healthier due to all the new info on toxic products and their effects on our bodies, shared within the Crunchi community. Also my skin has never felt healthier since she's gotten me using Crunchi charcoal body bar."


"Crunchi has set a new standard for how we choose what products can live in our home. It has also set Jessica’s entrepreneurial spirit on fire. If only for the passion that radiates from Jessica because of the goals and dreams she is now working towards, Crunchi has made a meaningful impact on our family and I believe this is only the beginning."

Wes Mathewson

Eric Uranga


"It has been so fun listening to you talk to people and seeing how much fun you have, you really light up when you talk about Crunchi, there is a sparkle to you that was missing before."

"Crunchi is a huge opportunity, it has the potential to change our life and will allow our family to control our time spent working, our time spent enjoying family and friends, and our time traveling the world . Crunchi is also a family my wife feels she truly belongs and is passionate about with every step."


"I like that Crunchi is a company that provides products that are not toxic, unlike what you used to buy. I notice that it’s given you a new sense of motivation, hope and encouragement that you can accomplish something beyond being a teacher. It feels like it’s given you a renewed sense of purpose."


“I think it’s been great for you to come out of your shell more. You can work it when you are able too! I think you want to work it more than you do, but time permitting.”


"Crunchi has been really good for you, it has helped you in so many ways. I am thankful for the financial impact it has had on our family and that you have found something you love to do. I see how happy it makes you & that makes me happy."

Andrew Velde

Stephen Downey

Kody Rinne

Trevor T

Brian Giammanco

Jarod Moenkhoff

“It has given me confidence that my family is in a safer place by Rachel bringing healthy choices to us by what we put in our body and on it”

"Encourage, lift, and strengthen one another. For the positive energy spread to one will be felt by all."