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Compensation Plan

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Crunchi's compensation plan is incredibly generous and extremely competitive. There are NO ceilings when it comes to the financial opportunity with Crunchi. There are THREE unique ways to earn commission with Crunchi. 

Personal sales, aka personal volume (pv)

  • Earn an incredibly wide range of 20-40% commission on all of your clients’ purchases while you personally have the opportunity to purchase at a 20% discount from day one



The second way to earn income is via Team Sales, aka team volume (tv)

  • Earn up to 10% on your team’s commission! And you will earn commission 15 levels deep on your team. WOAH!

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Bonuses - 2 unique ways to earn bonuses throughout your Crunchi career!

  • You will earn rank advancement bonuses as you promote through our 10 title levels! That's a total of almost $3,000!

  • Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn over $1,400 in bonuses when you work through the Smart Start program. 


By completing each of the five Smart Start levels you are starting your business strong, building a team and rank advancing while earning bonuses above and beyond your commission


It is also worth mentioning Crunchi values our advocates and the rewards go far beyond our compensation plan. With Crunchi you can expect:

  • Personal development opportunities

  • Business trainings with industry experts

  • Philanthropy and nonprofit opportunities

  • Giveaways, special deals and so much more!

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